And the night over London rang.
And the night over London rang.

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GRADUATED CIVICS TIED FOR HIGHEST MARK #HOLLAAAAAA (it’s funny because my teacher wrote “This is truly an accomplishment and testament to your very hard work and immense dedication in this course!" and i just kinda "hAHAHHAAHHA OK")

Also funny story when my teacher replied with a final comment on my grade, she wrote “Congratulations, me and [my history teacher last semester] is really proud of you!” and i’m ? ?? ? ? ?? ? how does my online teacher know my history teacher from school wh at

Idk it made my day though, i really liked that teacher!



After asking followers to guess my 10 favourite characters, only three were guessed:

 Shinji (NGE), Nagisa Hazuki (Free!), New Zealand (Hetalia), Unit 01 (NGE), Kamina (TTGL), Aoba (DMMD), Any character from FLCL, Ed (Cowboy Bebop), Jade/John (Homestuck), Aladdin (Disney)

Congratulations to:
tiffyinabox | lupeh | nataliaarlovskaya

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I’ll do a quick Hetalia yay day just for my favourite blogs so far!! I haven’t had this blog for long and these are the people that really stick out and I love seeing on my dash. This is just a special thank you to making my blog superb!!

hipsterengland uptight-grouch aphitaly aphromano aphgreece aph-nihon himaruyeah

japantys ivanswaginski ✰ vodkapleasuresmile ✰ austriea ✰ nataliaarlovskaya ✰ lrony ✰ alfredss ✰ aristocratslayer ✰ prussiaspanties ✰ meinownworld ✰ hetaliate ✰ shimagunidoumei ✰ seychellesvevo ✰ bubbleteahime ✰ aphluxembourg ✰ bardofhopes 

I love practically everyone I follow but these are definitely the ones that light up my dash! You guys mean tons to me, thank you for blogging.